What is NetSlim?  
NetSlim is a resource of high-confidence signaling pathway maps generated from NetPath.  
Why NetSlim?  
NetPath is a resource of manually curated pathway reactions from the literature. The large number of molecules and their interconnectivity present in NetPath pathways makes the visualization of these pathways a challenge. In order to overcome this, we have applied certain confidence criteria to reactions in NetPath to extract the reactions with high-confidence. These reactions were used to generate less complex pathway maps which are hosted in NetSlim.  
What are the confidence criteria applied to NetPath reactions to generate NetSlim?  
The confidence criteria applied to NetPath to generate NetSlim is provided in a separate tab in the home page of NetSlim database.  
What information can I get from NetSlim?  
For each pathway in NetSlim, one can view pathway map drawn with the high confidence reactions using Pathvisio. All the reactions in NetSlim are linked to their respective research article in PubMed. Each reaction in NetSlim has a brief note which describes the dependence of reactions on various post-translational modifications and the cells in which the reactions were reported. In addition, we have provided a brief description of the pathway.  
What are the different formats available to download?  
Pathways from NetSlim can be downloaded in different file formats such as .gpml, .GenMAPP, .pdf, .png and .svg.  
Can I download the literature information associated with each reaction from NetSlim?  
Since NetSlim is derived from NetPath, all the literature associated with each reaction can be viewed in NetPath.