Signaling pathway maps  
  'NetSlim' is a resource of high-confidence signaling pathway maps derived from NetPath pathway reactions. 40-60% of the molecules and their reactions in NetPath pathways are available in NetSlim. These reactions are filtered by applying confidence criteria, the NetSlim criteria. NetSlim versions are available for all signaling pathways in NetPath.

NetSlim maps are freely available for download in .GPML, .GenMAPP, .PDF and .SVG formats. NetSlim models are also submitted to WikiPathways. NetSlim is publicly available under an adaptive Creative Commons License which stipulates that the pathway maps may be used if adequate credit is given to the authors.

Please cite the following reference for this database:
Raju, R. et al. (2011) NetSlim: high-confidence curated signaling maps. Database. 2011:bar032.[PubMed]

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